WikiMechanics is a theory about physics that is based on describing what we see, hear, taste and feel. Ideas are presented in a way that is accessible to an adventurous lay reader. We start in plain newspaper English, then as we go along, words with specialized meanings are explained in terms of common sensations. The level of mathematics is mostly high-school algebra.

So far WikiMechanics has made scientific definitions of mass and time. This includes a detailed mathematical analysis of nuclear particles that compares very favorably with experimental observation. The conservation laws and Pauli's exclusion principle have been explicitly traced to their historical roots.

Right now WikiMechanics is working on a scientific theory of space and a logical exposition of Newtonian Mechanics.

You are invited to participate in this wiki of exploration.

"… I am happy that you have chosen to study physics because I think that the subject is beautiful and so potentially satisfying if you don't get lost in the rat race. Somehow, it stands apart from the ego and from the petty concerns of our daily living — a refreshing place to go to, like a pilgrimage of the intellectual soul … "

NJ Hunter, April 1982.
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