Bond Strength Data

WikiMechanics represents molecules as compound atoms. Relationships between atoms are discussed extensively in the main article about chemical bonds. But briefly, bonds are defined from pairs of electrons, that are distinguished from each other by various chemical quarks. The letter $\mathbb{B}$ identifies specific bonds. And each bond is quantitatively described by $D_{ \large{\circ}}$ its bond dissociation energy. Values for $D_{ \large{\circ}}$ refer to the gaseous state, and are listed below at 0 (K). For details about calculating bond strengths, please see the spreadsheet titled 'Bonds & Photons' in the wiki-files listed at the bottom of this page. Experimental observations1,2,3,4 are reported at various temperatures, and in diverse measurement units. Details for each molecule about reference sources, and conversion factors, are shown in a spreadsheet called 'Observed Bonds' which can be downloaded from the wiki-files listed at the bottom of this page.

Typical Single Bonds


Double and Triple Bonds




Salts and Halogens


Other Dimers


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