Characteristics of Chemical Quarks
Characteristics of Quarks
Quarks Quark
z z ζ U (eV)
a a 11 -4.4769945
b b 12 95.634481
c c 13 -0.6414730
n n 14 6.4341751
d d 15 -4.6411268
l 16 -91.459163
Chemical quarks are building-blocks that we can combine to model more complicated particles. They have been mathematically defined by the union of a chemical seed with a conjugate seed. There are 6 different chemical seeds, so there are six different chemical quark types. Each type includes an ordinary-quark and an anti-quark, for a total of 12 particles. Chemical quarks are described by their internal energy $\, U$ as shown in the accompanying table.

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