Definitions of Chemical Quarks

The union of a conjugate seed and a chemical seed is called a chemical quark. Chemical quarks are symbolized using bold lower-case Roman letters with serifs like a b c (this is different from a b c the sans-serif font used for thermodynamic quarks). So chemical quarks are defined by objectifying pairs of Anaxagorean sensations, and named after their chemical seeds. Objectification changes narrative forms of description from using adjectives to identify sensations, to using nouns for identifying particles. Click on any icon in the table below for more detail.

Pairs of Sensations Quarks
Taste-Somatic Pairs
acidic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png acidic-quark.png tart taste on the right acidic quark
acidic-seed.png + odd-seed.png acidic-anti-quark.png tart taste on the left acidic anti-quark
basic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png basic-quark.png soapy taste on the right basic quark
basic-seed.png + odd-seed.png basic-anti-quark.png soapy taste on the left basic anti-quark
anionic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png anionic-quark.png bitter taste on the right anionic quark
anionic-seed.png + odd-seed.png anionic-anti-quark.png bitter taste on the left anionic anti-quark
cationic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png cationic-quark.png brackish taste on the right cationic quark
cationic-seed.png + odd-seed.png cationic-anti-quark.png brackish taste on the left cationic anti-quark
dextro-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png dextro-quark.png sweet taste on the right dextro quark
dextro-seed.png + odd-seed.png dextro-anti-quark.png sweet taste on left dextro anti-quark
levo-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png levo-quark.png savory taste on the right levo quark
levo-seed.png + odd-seed.png levo-anti-quark.png savory taste on the left levo anti-quark

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