Definition: Annihilation
Verb Definition
Annihilation $\Delta n^{\sf{q}} \left( \sf{P}_{\it{f}} \right) = 0 \ \ \forall \sf{q}$ 6-17

Logical Antecedents

Adjectives Definition
Quark Coefficients $n \; \; {\sf{\text{and}}} \; \; N \; \; \sf{\text{count the number of quarks in a particle}}$ 4-3
Noun Definition
Final Event The event with the highest event-index
in a historically ordered pair of events.
Adjective Definition
Historical Order $\epsilon_{t} = 1$ 6-7
Adjective Definition
Direction of Time $\epsilon_{t}^{\, \sf{ P}}\equiv \, \delta _{ t}^{\, \sf{ P}} \! \cdot \delta _{ t}^{\sf{\, Earth}}$ 6-6

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