Definition: Charmed Seed
Noun Definition
Charmed Seed $\sf{C} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified warm sensation}}$ 3-13

Logical Antecedents

Noun Definition
Objectification $\sf{\text{Adoption of communal standards to describe experience.}}$ 3-1
Adjective Definition
Warmness $\delta_{\tau} \equiv \begin{cases} +1 &\sf{\text{if a thermal sensation is warm }} \\ \ \ 0 &\sf{\text{if a sensation is not thermally safe }} \\ -1 &\sf{\text{if a thermal sensation is cool }} \end{cases}$ 2-6
Nouns Definition
Reference Sensations $\sf{\text{Standards to judge and recognize all perceptions.}}$ 1-1

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