Definition: Fermion
Noun Definition
Fermion $𝘑 \, = \sf{\text{ an integer plus one half}}$ 4-21

Logical Antecedents

Adjective Definition
Total Angular Momentum Quantum Number $\begin{align} 𝘑 \equiv \frac{ \, {\large{\mid}} \, N^{\mathsf{U}} \! -N^{\mathsf{D}} {\large{\mid}} \, }{8} \end{align}$ 4-11
Adjectives Definition
Quark Coefficients $n \; \; {\sf{\text{and}}} \; \; N \; \; \sf{\text{count the number of quarks in a particle}}$ 4-3
Noun Definition
Thermodynamic Quark $\sf{\text{The union of a conjugate seed}} \\ \sf{\text{with a thermodynamic seed.}}$ 3-34
Noun Definition
Seed $\sf{Z} \equiv \sf{\text{objectified Anaxagorean sensation }}$ 3-3

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