Definition: Inner Product
Noun Definition
Inner Product $\hspace{-150px} \overline{a} \bullet \overline{b} = k_{mm} a_{m} b_{m} + k_{ee} a_{e} b_{e} + k_{zz} a_{z} b_{z} + 2 k_{em} a_{m} b_{e} + 2k_{mz} a_{m} b_{z} + 2 k_{ez} a_{e} b_{z}$ 5-23

Logical Antecedents

Noun Definition
Quark Metric $\begin{align} k_{\alpha \beta} ^{ \mathbb{Q} } \equiv \frac{ \chi_{\alpha \beta} ^{ \sf{Earth}} }{ \chi_{zz} ^{ \sf{Earth}} } \end{align}$ 5-15
Noun Definition
Radius Vector $\overline{\rho} \equiv \left( \rho_{ m}, \rho_{e}, \rho_{ z} \right)$ 5-8

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