Definition: Internal Energy
Adjective Definition
Internal Energy $\begin{align} U \equiv \sum_{i \, \sf{=1}}^{N} \varepsilon_{\it{i}} \hat{E}_{\it{i}} \end{align}$ 4-7

Logical Antecedents

Adjective Definition
Specific Energy $\begin{align} \hat{E} \left( \sf{Z} \right) \equiv \frac { \it{a} } { \it{b} } \it k_{C} \end{align}$ 4-4
Adjective Definition
Audibility $\varepsilon \equiv 2 {\large{\mid}} \, \delta^{*} {\large{\mid}} -1$ 4-6
Adjective Definition
Oddness $\delta^{*} \equiv \begin{cases} +1 &\sf{\text{if a somatic sensation is on the left side }} \\ \ \ 0 &\sf{\text{if a sensation is not somatic }} \\ -1 &\sf{\text{if a somatic sensation is on the right side }} \end{cases}$ 2-7
Noun Definition
Somatic Sensation $\sf{\text{Any perception of touch, pressure, sound or hearing.}}$ 1-15

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