Table: Definitions of Chemical Quarks
Pairs of Sensations Quarks
Taste-Somatic Pairs
acidic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png acidic-quark.png tart taste on the right acidic quark
acidic-seed.png + odd-seed.png acidic-anti-quark.png tart taste on the left acidic anti-quark
basic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png basic-quark.png soapy taste on the right basic quark
basic-seed.png + odd-seed.png basic-anti-quark.png soapy taste on the left basic anti-quark
ionic-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png ionic-quark.png brackish taste on the right ionic quark
ionic-seed.png + odd-seed.png ionic-anti-quark.png brackish taste on the left ionic anti-quark
aqueous-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png aqueous-quark.png potable taste on the right aqueous quark
aqueous-seed.png + odd-seed.png aqueous-anti-quark.png potable taste on the left aqueous anti-quark
dextro-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png dextro-quark.png sweet taste on the right dextro quark
dextro-seed.png + odd-seed.png dextro-anti-quark.png sweet taste on left dextro anti-quark
levo-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png levo-quark.png savory taste on the right levo quark
levo-seed.png + odd-seed.png levo-anti-quark.png savory taste on the left levo anti-quark
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