Table: Definitions of Themodynamic Quarks
Pairs of Sensations Quarks
Thermal-Somatic Pairs
top-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png top-quark.png burning sensation on the right top quark
top-seed.png + odd-seed.png top-anti-quark.png burning sensation on the left top anti-quark
bottom-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png bottom-quark.png freezing sensation on the right bottom quark
bottom-seed.png + odd-seed.png bottom-anti-quark.png freezing sensation on the left bottom anti-quark
strange-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png strange-quark.png cool sensation on the right strange quark
strange-seed.png + odd-seed.png strange-anti-quark.png cool sensation on the left strange anti-quark
charmed-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png charmed-quark.png warm sensation on the right charmed quark
charmed-seed.png + odd-seed.png charmed-anti-quark.png warm sensation on the left charmed anti-quark

Visual-Somatic Pairs
up-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png up-quark.png white sensation on the right up quark
up-seed.png + odd-seed.png up-anti-quark.png white sensation on the left up anti-quark
down-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png down-quark.png black sensation on the right down quark
down-seed.png + odd-seed.png down-anti-quark.png black sensation on the left down anti-quark
negative-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png negative-quark.png yellow sensation on the right negative quark
negative-seed.png + odd-seed.png negative-anti-quark.png yellow sensation on the left negative anti-quark
positive-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png positive-quark.png blue sensation on the right positive quark
positive-seed.png + odd-seed.png positive-anti-quark.png blue sensation on the left positive anti-quark
northern-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png northern-quark.png green sensation on the right northern quark
northern-seed.png + odd-seed.png northern-anti-quark.png green sensation on left northern anti-quark
southern-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png southern-quark.png red sensation on the right southern quark
southern-seed.png + odd-seed.png southern-anti-quark.png red sensation on the left southern anti-quark

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