An event is a discrete bit of consciousness; an occurrence, experience or incident. Not all events are sensual, but many are. Indeed Anaxagorean sensations are selected for consideration exactly because experiencing one is a very common and conspicuous event for most human beings. So we assert the second hypothesis by defining a physical event as a mathematical set of Anaxagorean sensations. This definition formally limits the scope of WikiMechanics. Physical events are generically noted using a letter, usually P, together with a subscript like this: $\sf{P}_{\it{k}} \;$. Here are some examples of events that are expressed using the icons for Anaxagorean sensations. If an event called $\sf{R}_{\it{a}}$ was experienced as a burning red sensation, we could write

$\sf{R}_{\it{a}} \equiv$ { southern-seed.png , top-seed.png } $\sf{ = \{ A, T \} }$

Another incident that felt like a freezing red sensation on the left could be represented as

$\sf{R}_{\it{b}} \equiv$ { southern-seed.png , bottom-seed.png , odd-seed.png } $\sf{ = \{ A, B, \bar{O} \} }$

As a third example, the occurrence of a tepid red sensation on the right might be expressed as

$\sf{R}_{\it{c}} \equiv$ { southern-seed.png , charmed-seed.png , strange-seed.png , ordinary-seed.png } $\sf{ = \{ A, C, S, O \} }$

The characteristic that all events in these examples share is the visual sensation of redness. So we use the letter R to identify them all. The descriptive method of WikiMechanics combines events like these to build-up an account of more complicated experiences.

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Noun Definition
Event $\sf{P}_{\it{k}} \equiv \sf{\text{a discrete occurrence, experience or incident. }}$ 2-13
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