Muon Decay
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Notice: this page is under construction

Almost all muons are observed1 to decay into an electron and some neutrinos in a pattern noted as

$\sf{\mu}^{-} \to \sf{e}^{-} + \overline{\nu}_{\sf{e}} + \nu_{\sf{\mu}}$

We model this process by supposing it is occasioned by the absorption of an electronic photon $\sf{\gamma}_{\sf{e}}$

$\sf{\mu}^{-} + \sf{\gamma}_{\sf{e}} \to \sf{e}^{-} + \overline{\nu}_{\sf{e}} + \nu_{\sf{\mu}}$

Then quarks, quantum numbers and momentum are all conserved because quarks are conserved, as illustrated below. Click on the icons for more detail about these particles.

muon.png + electronic-photon.png
electron.png + electronic-anti-neutrino.png + muonic-neutrino.png

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