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Seed-Aggregate Models

WikiMechanics describes the mechanics of neutrinos by linking various absorption and emission processes together in chains of events. The archetypal sequence that these interactions modify is the orbital chain $\Psi ^{ \large{\nu}} = \left( \sf{\Omega}_{1} , \sf{\Omega}_{2} , \sf{\Omega}_{3} \; \ldots \; \right)$ where for electronic neutrinos each repeated bundle of sensations Ω is is represented by

$\sf{\Omega} \left( \nu_{\sf{e}} \right) \leftrightarrow \mathrm{4}\sf{U} + \mathrm{4}\sf{G} + \mathrm{4}\sf{E} + \mathrm{6}\sf{O} + \mathrm{6}\bar{\sf{O}}$
positive-seed.png positive-seed.png
up-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png up-seed.png
negative-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png negative-seed.png
negative-seed.png ordinary-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png ordinary-seed.png negative-seed.png
up-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png up-seed.png
positive-seed.png positive-seed.png

And for muonic neutrinos each cycle Ω is is given by

$\sf{\Omega} \left( \nu_{\sf{\mu}} \right) \leftrightarrow \mathrm{4}\sf{U} + \mathrm{4}\sf{M} + \mathrm{4}\sf{A} + \mathrm{6}\sf{O} + \mathrm{6}\bar{\sf{O}}$
northern-seed.png northern-seed.png
up-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png up-seed.png
southern-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png ordinary-seed.png southern-seed.png
southern-seed.png ordinary-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png ordinary-seed.png southern-seed.png
up-seed.png odd-seed.png odd-seed.png up-seed.png
northern-seed.png northern-seed.png

Sensory interpretation: The electronic neutrino is objectified from 6 right-side and 6 left-side somatic sensations; 4 yellow, 4 blue and 4 white visual sensations. The muonic neutrino is objectified from 6 right-side and 6 left-side somatic sensations; 4 red, 4 green and 4 white visual sensations.

Quark Models of Neutrinos

The quark hypothesis asserts that seeds are all bound together in quarks. So to make more detailed models of the neutrinos, associate seeds in these pairs

negative-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png negative-quark.png
positive-seed.png + odd-seed.png positive-anti-quark.png
up-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png up-quark.png
northern-seed.png + odd-seed.png northern-anti-quark.png
southern-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png southern-quark.png
up-seed.png + odd-seed.png up-quark.png

So that a neutrino is represented by a bundle of twelve quarks. And here are some iconic images of neutrinos where the back row of six quarks is exactly the same as the front row.

$\sf{\Omega} \, ( \nu_{\sf{e}} ) \leftrightarrow \mathrm{4}\sf{e} + \mathrm{4}\bar{\sf{g}}+ \mathrm{4}\sf{u}$ electronic-neutrino.png

$\sf{\Omega} \, ( \nu_{\sf{\mu}} ) \leftrightarrow \mathrm{4}\sf{a} + \mathrm{4}\bar{\sf{m}}+ \mathrm{4}\sf{u}$ muonic-neutrino.png

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