Predictions Review
Notice: this page is under construction
Notice: this page is under construction

WikiMechanics provides a description of our physical situation that is simple and accurate because it has focused on laboratory reports. It was built to fit the data. But, after building is complete, it can serve as a base for constructing additional theories that make predictions. Here are some possibilities.

Fill-in Predictions

The nuclear particle models can be pushed further by; (1) plotting particle distribution vs temperature, (2) plotting particle distribution vs |H-U|, and (3) analyzing block structure of the baryonic quarks, all to explain why some quark combinations are stable. We can call these explanations selection rules, or perhaps stable-orbit conditions. Then we can use these patterns to 'fill in the gaps' and assess the possibility of observing new particles.

Magnetic Moment Predictions

Electromagnetic theories can be built-out from WikiMechanics. We are working toward making some Magnetic Moment Predictions that might be observable in some of the more stable baryons.

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