Characteristics of Thermodynamic Quarks
Thermodynamic Quarks
Quarks Quark
z z ζ U (MeV) T (℃)
u u 1 243 -815
d d 2 0 -1,034
e e 3 -33 676
g g 4 298 -1,185
m m 5 1,186 -6,401
a a 6 3 6,529
t t 7 150 222
b b 8 -85 0
s s 9 50 -252
c c 10 -53 100
Quarks are building-blocks that we can combine to model more complicated particles. They have been mathematically defined by the union of a thermodynamic seed with a conjugate seed. There are 10 different thermodynamic seeds, so there are 10 different quark types. Each type includes an ordinary-quark and an anti-quark, for a total of 20 particles. Quarks are described by two numbers, their internal energy U and a temperature T as shown in the accompanying table. This table of quark characteristics summarizes an extended analysis of sensation for understanding temperature and energy. For more details about what these numbers mean and where they come from, see the articles in the menu below that are marked with this icon quarks.JPG
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