Austral Quarks
of austral quarks
total angular momentum zero
charge zero
lepton number ±1/8
baryon number zero
temperature 6,529 (℃)
internal energy 3 (MeV)

A seed-aggregate composed from one austral seed and one ordinary seed is called an ordinary austral quark. It is represented symbolically using the letter a. Here is a mathematical statement of the definition along with an icon to illustrate the quark.

$\sf{ a \equiv \left\{ A, O \right\} }$ austral-quark.png

You can usually click on quark icons to come back to a page like this for reference. The austral anti-quark is defined as the union of one austral seed with an odd seed.

$\sf{ \bar{a} \equiv \left\{ A, \overline{O} \right\} }$ austral-anti-quark.png

These definitions can also be stated using seed icons as

austral-seed.png + ordinary-seed.png austral-quark.png
austral-seed.png + odd-seed.png austral-anti-quark.png
Sensory interpretation: Ordinary austral quarks represent red Anaxagorean sensations on the right-side, and austral anti-quarks are objectified from red perceptions felt on the left.

Noun Definition
Austral Quark $\sf{a} \equiv \{ \sf{A}, \sf{O} \}$ 3-36
Noun Definition
Austral Anti-quark $\sf{\overline{a}} \equiv \{ \sf{A}, \sf{\overline{O}} \}$ 3-35

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