The elementary particles of WikiMechanics are called seeds. Seeds are defined by objectifying Anaxagorean sensations. They are symbolized using Roman letters without serifs.

white up-seed.png
black down-seed.png
U up
D down
yellow negative-seed.png
blue positive-seed.png
E negative
G positive
green northern-seed.png
red southern-seed.png
M northern
A southern
burning top-seed.png
freezing bottom-seed.png
T top
B bottom
cool strange-seed.png
warm charmed-seed.png
S strange
C charmed
right ordinary-seed.png
left odd-seed.png
O ordinary
O odd
tart acidic-seed.png
soapy basic-seed.png
brackish ionic-seed.png
potable aqueous-seed.png
sugary dextro-seed.png
savory levo-seed.png
not seeds

Objectification changes narrative forms of description from using adjectives for identifying sensations, to using nouns for identifying particles. For example, we may report detecting an up seed in lieu of seeing a white sensation. The seed-names given above are intended to be easy to remember, and perhaps whimsically suggestive. But they are not to be taken literally because the poetic associations that make them memorable can also be spurious. So later, for cultural neutrality and mathematical precision, we also use a numerical index to label seeds. An important concern for any nomenclature is to avoid evoking sensation because that defeats the purpose of objectification. So for example G is called a positive seed, or perhaps 'seed number four', but it is not called a blue seed.

Don't forget about other sensations.
Don't forget about other sensations.

Many sensations are not objectifed as seeds. They may be too subtle or complex to be Anaxagorean sensations. Indeed, the taste sensation of sweetness was given a binary description only by proposing a laboratory test. So we are approaching the limits of what we can usefully describe using a simple, direct binary method. Complicated sensations can usually be represented by seed aggregates, but not always. Recall that the list of other sensations includes everything from pheromones to love. So we had better not forget about other sensations, and here is an icon to remind us.

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favicon.jpeg Seeds
Noun Definition
Seed $\sf{Z} \equiv \sf{\text{objectified Anaxagorean sensation }}$ 3-3
Noun Definition
Up Seed $\sf{U} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified white sensation}}$ 3-4
Noun Definition
Down Seed $\sf{D} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified black sensation}}$ 3-5
Noun Definition
Negative Seed $\sf{E} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified yellow sensation}}$ 3-6
Noun Definition
Positive Seed $\sf{G} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified blue sensation}}$ 3-7
Noun Definition
Northern Seed $\sf{M} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified green sensation}}$ 3-8
Noun Definition
Southern Seed $\sf{A} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified red sensation}}$ 3-9
Noun Definition
Top Seed $\sf{T} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified burning sensation}}$ 3-10
Noun Definition
Bottom Seed $\sf{B} \equiv \sf{\text{ an objectified freezing sensation}}$ 3-11
Noun Definition
Strange Seed $\sf{S} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified cool sensation}}$ 3-12
Noun Definition
Charmed Seed $\sf{C} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified warm sensation}}$ 3-13
Noun Definition
Ordinary Seed $\sf{O} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified right-side sensation}}$ 3-14
Noun Definition
Odd Seed $\sf{\overline{O}} \equiv \sf{\text{ objectified left-side sensation}}$ 3-15
Noun Definition
Acidic Seed objectified tart taste sensation 3-16
Noun Definition
Basic Seed objectified soapy taste sensation 3-17
Noun Definition
Ionic Seed objectified brackish taste sensation 3-18
Noun Definition
Aqueous Seed objectified potable taste sensation 3-19
Noun Definition
Dextro Seed objectified sugary taste sensation 3-20
Noun Definition
Levo Seed objectified savory taste sensation 3-21
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