The most up-to-date spreadsheets are filed at the bottom of this page. You must become a member of WikiMechanics for access. The files are stored in a spreadsheet format. If you download them, you will need some extra software like Microsoft Excel or perhaps Apple Numbers to read them.

If you are not a member of WikiMechanics, you can see some truncated, web-based spreadsheets in the following links. However these web-based spreadsheets are somewhat unstable. Their formats and appearance are not consistent between browsers. They are usually out-of-date. And they don't show all of the rows and columns.

Topic Online Spread Sheet
All Nuclear Particles on One Page Nuclear ParticlesXlink.png
Step-by-step Calculation for a Nuclear Particle Nuclear WorksheetXlink.png
Atoms, Molecules, Bonds and Photons Atoms & PhotonsXlink.png
Magnetic Moments Magnetic MomentsXlink.png

Spreadsheets cannot support exactly the same typography as wiki pages, so some variation is required. For example, anti-particles are noted with a "logical not" prefix like this ¬ rather than an overline.

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