Symbol Name and Icon Article
$\huge{\sf{a}}$ a southern quark southern-quark.png Southern Quarks
$\huge{\sf{\bar{a}}}$ a southern anti-quark southern-anti-quark.png Southern Quarks
$\huge{\sf{A}}$ a southern seed southern-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{\textbf{a}}$ an acidic quark acidic-quark.png Acidic Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{a}}}$ an acidic anti-quark acidic-anti-quark.png Acidic Quarks
an acidic seed acidic-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \mathbf{ A} }$ a generic atom Atoms
$\huge{ \mathcal{A} }$ an anti-symmetric component Photons
$\overline{a}$ the acceleration Acceleration
$A$ a cross-sectional area Cylindrical Atomic Model
$\overline{A}$ the magnetic vector potential Magnetic Fields
$\huge{ \sf{b} }$ a bottom quark bottom-quark.png Bottom Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\overline{b}} }$ a bottom anti-quark bottom-anti-quark.png Bottom Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{B} }$ a bottom seed bottom-seed.png Seeds
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{ \sf{(line) }}$ a line bond linebond.png Molecules
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{\sf{(wedge)}}$ a wedge bond wedgebond.png Molecules
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{\sf{(hash)}}$ a hash bond hashbond.png Molecules
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{\sf{(mixed)}}$ a mixed bond wavybond.png Molecules
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{\sf{(double)}}$ a double bond doublebond.png Molecules
$\large{\mathbb{B}}\small{\sf{(triple)}}$ a triple bond triplebond.png Molecules
$\huge{\textbf{b}}$ a basic quark basic-quark.png Basic Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{b}}}$ a basic anti-quark basic-anti-quark.png Basic Quarks
a basic seed basic-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \mathbf{ B} }$ a generic atom Newton's Third Law
$B$ the baryon number Identifying Particles
$\overline{B}$ the magnetic flux density Magnetic Fields
$\huge{ \sf{c} }$ a charmed quark charmed-quark.png Charmed Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\overline{c}} }$ a charmed anti-quark charmed-anti-quark.png Charmed Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{C} }$ a charmed seed charmed-seed.png Seeds
$c$ the speed of light Velocity
$\huge{ \sf{d} }$ a down quark down-quark.png Down Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\overline{d}} }$ a down anti-quark down-anti-quark.png Down Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{D} }$ a down seed down-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{\textbf{d}}$ a dextro quark dextro-quark.png Dextro Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{d}}}$ a dextro anti-quark dextro-anti-quark.png Dextro Quarks
a dextro seed dextro-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\Delta}}}$ a delta baryon The Delta Baryons
$D_{ \large{\circ}}$ the bond dissociation energy Molecules
$d \bar{r}$ the displacement Displacement
$\delta_{\tau}$ the warmness steam.jpg Warmness
$\delta_{T}$ the coldness knut.jpeg Coldness
$\delta_{m}$ the redness Bangladeshi.GIF Redness
$\delta_{e}$ the yellowness Swedish.gif Yellowness
$\delta_{w}$ the whiteness achromatic.jpg Whiteness
$\delta^{\ast}$ the oddness odd.jpg Oddness
$\delta_{\sf{H}}$ the sourness souricon.jpg Sourness
$\delta_{\sf{I}}$ the saltiness saltyicon.jpg Saltiness
$\delta_{\sf{S}}$ the sweetness sweeticon.jpg Sweetness
$\delta_{\theta}$ the phase Phase
$\delta_{\hat{m}}$ the magnetic polarity Spatial Orientation
$\delta_{\hat{e}}$ the electric polarity Spatial Orientation
$\delta_{z}$ the helicity Spatial Orientation
$\delta_{t}$ the temporal orientation Temporal Orientation
$\Delta n$ the net number of quarks Counting Quarks
$\Delta r$ the distance Position
$\Delta \overline{r}$ the separation Position
$\Delta t$ the elapsed time Elapsed Time
$\Delta U$ the conjugate difference Conjugate Symmetry
$\huge{ \sf{e} }$ a negative quark negative-quark.png Negative Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{e}} }$ a negative anti-quark negative-anti-quark.png Negative Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{E} }$ a negative seed negative-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \mathbb{E} }$ a Euclidean space Models of Molecules
$\huge{\sf{e}}^{\Large{-}}$ an electron The Electron
$\hat{e}$ the electric axis unit vector Quark Space
$\varepsilon$ the audibility Audibility
$\epsilon_{\sf{o}}$ the electric constant Constants
$\epsilon_{t}$ the direction of time Historical Order
$E$ the mechanical energy Mechanical Energy
$\hat{E}$ the specific energy Specific Energy
$\tilde{E}$ the average energy Energy Measurement
$f$ a final event index Chains of Events
$\overline{F}$ a force Force
$\mathscr{F}$ a field Fields
$\huge{ \sf{F} }$ a frame of reference frame.png Reference Frames
$\huge{ \Psi }$ a generic chain of events Chains of Events
ϕ a phi meson Phi Mesons
$\huge{ \sf{g} }$ a positive quark positive-quark.png Positive Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{g}} }$ a positive anti-quark positive-anti-quark.png Positive Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{G} }$ a positive seed positive-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \mathbb{G} }$ a gravitational particle Gravitation
$\huge{ \sf{\Gamma} }$ a graviton Gravitons
$\huge{ \sf{\gamma} }$ a photon Photons
$\gamma$ the Lorentz factor Slow Motion
$\varGamma$ the full width Lifetime
$h$ Planck's constant Planck's Postulate
$H$ the enthalpy Enthalpy
$\huge{ \mathbf{H} }$ a hydrogen atomhydrogenicon.png Atomic Hydrogen
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\eta}}}$ an eta meson Eta Mesons
$\eta$ the index of refraction Refraction
$\huge{\textbf{i}}$ an ionic quark ionic-quark.png Ionic Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{i}}}$ an ionic anti-quark ionic-anti-quark.png Ionic Quarks
an ionic seed ionic-seed.png Seeds
$i$ an initial event index Chains of Events
$I$ the current Magnetic Moments
$\overline{I}$ the moment of inertia Moment of Inertia
$j$ an integer index
the atomic total angular momentum quantum number
Chains of Events
$𝘑$ the nuclear total angular momentum quantum number Total Angular Momentum
${\rm{\overline{J}}}$ the total angular momentum vector Total Angular Momentum
$k$ a constant or numerical index Constants
$\overline{\kappa}$ the wavevector The Wavevector
$\kappa$ the wavenumber The Wavevector
$K$ the kinetic energy Dynamic Equilibrium
$\hat{K}$ the vis viva Vis Viva
K a kaon Kaons
Λ a lambda baryon Lambda Baryons
$\huge{\textbf{l}}$ a levo quark levo-quark.png Levo Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{l}}}$ a levo anti-quark levo-anti-quark.png Levo Quarks
a levo seed levo-seed.png Seeds
$\ell$ the length
the azimuthal quantum number
Orbital Angular Momentum
$\parallel \ \parallel$ the norm of a vector The Norm
$\lambda$ a wavelength Wavelength
$\lambda _{\sf{o}}$ a wavelength Refraction
$L$ the lepton number Identifying Particles
$\huge{ \sf{m} }$ a northern quark northern-quark.png Northern Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\overline{m}}}$ a northern anti-quark northern-anti-quark.png Northern Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{M} }$ a northern seed northern-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \sf{\mu} }^{\Large{-}}$ a muon The Muon
$\overline{ \mu }$ a magnetic moment Magnetic Moments
$\mu_{\sf{o}}$ the magnetic constant Constants
$\hat{m}$ the magnetic axis unit vector Quark Space
$m$ the rest-mass Mass
$n$ a quark coefficient Counting Quarks
$\rm{n}$ the principal quantum number Excited Particles
$\nu$ the frequency Frequency
n a neutron Neutrons
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\nu}}}$ a neutrino Neutrinos
$\huge{ \sf{O} }$ an ordinary seed ordinary-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \sf{\overline{O}} }$ an odd seed odd-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \sf{P} }$ a generic particle Particles
$\huge{ \sf{p}}^{\Large{+}}$ a proton The Proton
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\pi}}}$ a pion Pions
$\overline{p}$ the momentum Momentum
$\sf{P}_{\it{k}}$ a generic event Events
$P$ the pressure Pressure
$\pi$ Archimedes' constant Constants
$\varpi$ the handedness Models of Molecules
$\huge{ \sf{q} }$ a generic quark Classification of Quarks
$\huge{ \mathbb{Q} }$ quark space Quark Space
$\mathcal{Q}$ the induced charge Magnetic Susceptibility
$q$ the charge Identifying Particles
$\overline{r}$ the position Position
$\rho$ a radius Quark Models
$R$ the orbital radius Orbital Radius
$\mathcal{R}$ the Rydberg constant The Hydrogen Spectrum
$\varrho$ the density Mass
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\rho}} }$ a rho meson Rho Mesons
$\huge{ \sf{s} }$ a strange quark strange-quark.png Strange Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{s}} }$ a strange anti-quark strange-anti-quark.png Strange Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{S} }$ a strange seed strange-seed.png Seeds
$\huge{ \mathcal{S} }$ a symmetric phase component Ground States
$\huge{ \mathbb{S} }$ a surrounding space Dispersion
$S$ the strangeness Identifying Particles
$s$ the spin angular momentum quantum number Atoms
$\varsigma$ the signal-to-noise ratio Measuring Energy
Σ a sigma baryon Sigma Baryons
$\huge{ \sf{t} }$ a top quark top-quark.png Top Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{t}} }$ a top anti-quark top-anti-quark.png Top Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{T} }$ a top seed top-seed.png Seeds
$t$ the time of occurrence Time
$\mathit{T} \, \sf{(ºC)}$ the Celsius temperature Temperature
$\mathit{T} \, \sf{(K)}$ the thermodynamic temperature Lifetime
$\theta$ the phase angle Phase Angle
$\vartheta$ the aqueous bond angle Models of Molecules
$\huge{ \mathbf{\Theta} }$ a clock sun.png Clocks
$\hat{\tau}$ the period Time
$\tau$ the mean life Lifetime
$\huge{\sf{\tau}}^{\Large{+}}$ a tau lepton Leptons
$\huge{ \sf{u} }$ an up quark up-quark.png Up Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{u}} }$ an up anti-quark up-anti-quark.png Up Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{U} }$ an up seed up-seed.png Seeds
$U$ the internal energy Internal Energy
$\mathcal{U}$ the potential energy Dynamic Equilibrium
$\sf{v}$ the speed Velocity
$\overline{\sf{v}}$ the velocity Velocity
$V$ the volume Volume
$\mathcal{V}$ the electric potential The Electric Potential
$\huge{\textbf{w}}$ an aqueous quark aqueous-quark.png Aqueous Quarks
$\huge{\overline{\textbf{w}}}$ an aqueous anti-quark aqueous-anti-quark.png Aqueous Quarks
an aqueous seed aqueous-seed.png Seeds
w a weak quantum Weak Quanta
$\huge{ \pmb{\mathit{\omega}} }$ an omega meson Omega Mesons
$\omega$ the angular frequency Counting Bundles
$W$ the work Work
an omega baryon Omega Baryons
$\sf{\Omega}$ an orbit, a bundle of quarks Orbits
$\huge{ \sf{X} }$ an exchange particle Newtonian Vignettes
$\huge{ \mathbb{X} }$ a generic particle
$X$ the action Planck's Postulate
$x$ the abscissa Cartesian Coordinates
$\chi_{m}$ the magnetic susceptibility Magnetic Susceptibility
$\hat{x}$ the abscissa axis unit vector Spatial Axes
Ξ a xi baryon The Xi Baryons
$y$ the ordinate Cartesian Coordinates
$\hat{y}$ the ordinate axis unit vector Spatial Axes
$\huge{ \mathbb{Y} }$ a generic particle
$\huge{ \mathbb{Z} }$ a generic particle
$\huge{ \sf{z} }$ a generic ordinary quark Classification of Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{\bar{z}} }$ a generic anti-quark Classification of Quarks
$\huge{ \sf{Z} }$ a generic seed Classification of Seeds
$z$ the applicate Cartesian Coordinates
$\hat{z}$ the polar axis unit vector Quark Space
$\zeta$ the quark index Quark Index

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