Magnetic Susceptibility of Top Quarks

We can find analytic solutions for some parameters in terms of electron, muon and proton characteristics such as the mass $m$ and the magnetic moment $\mu$. This is done by writing out $\mu$ in terms of magnetic susceptibilities $\chi_{\it{m}}$ and quark coefficients, then solving the resulting equations to obtain

$\begin{align} \chi_{\it{m}}(\sf{t}) = \frac{\mathrm{2}}{\mathrm{3}}\left( \chi_{\it{m}}(\sf{d}) + \chi_{\it{m}}(\sf{c}) \vphantom{X^{X^{X}}} \right) - \frac{ \chi_{\it{m}}(\sf{b}) }{\mathrm{3}} + \left( \frac{\mathrm{4} \pi \, \mu_{\sf{N}} }{\it{\mathrm{3} h e}} \right) \, \mu(\sf{n}) \, \it{m}(\sf{n}) \end{align}$

where $\mu_{\sf{N}}$ is the nuclear magnetonXlink.png and $\pi$, $h$ and $e$ are constants.

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